How can I install App on Phone?

There are 2 ways to install App ,One by downloading the app from Phone-Tracker website and second by downloading app from Google Play Store

Can I make new account on phone app?

Yes after installing app , you will see the following screen.

Tap on the button "Sign Up Now." and you will taken to the following screen.

Tap on the "Done" button after filling the fields with required content ie (username , password, email address , number of child IDs and their names) you can also add child IDs later on

What to do After I Login to the Mobile App?

Once you have Login , you will see the screen with options to select the Child ID's Name and Selecting the time interval. Choose the Child Name on whose Device your are installing the App. And select the time interval up to your desire , longer time interval will help battery to run longer.

After setting the options , tap the lock button . Now app will start running in background and the settings cannot be changed without password. Now can you exit the screen by clicking the "Exit" button

Where do I view the Logs for my Child IDs

Go to and login with your credentials. for further guide on using website , goto Website Guide Page

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