Multimedia files lists like images , audio files , video files , having a list of these at one place help you manage your content. In case of child it would let you know his/her interests and much more. You can listen audio files , view images , and play videos online even you download them , its like have a virtual Harddisk/memory at internet.

Smart Phones are getting smarter each day with greater support for multimedia which make them very interesting to people and mostly to young people. And if those people inculde your children , you must be worried to get what they see and what they listen. Now you can view all the image and video files they have downloaded on their phones in past and all the image and video files they download in future as well. You can view and download all these files from your Phone Tracker account.

If you want to use Phone Tracker for yourself , you can keep your Phone Tracker account synnchronised with your Phone , As Soon as you take image or video from your phone and it will be updated to our server to be avilable on your Phone Tracker account. So if you or someone else delete those images or videos from your phone mistaken , you will still have those avilable on your Phone Tracker and can downloaded anytime.

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